Making Learning Extraordinary Resource #6–Create a system to maintain continuity of operations with a comprehensive knowledge management program.

Let’s go back to Jim from the succession planning post #5. If you recall, Jim left his company which resulted in them having to discontinue a mission-critical safety program. Not having Jim employed left a gaping hole in their staff, but it also left a gigantic hole in their ability to transfer his tacit knowledge (what was in Jim’s head) and make it explicit (available for others to access and use it) to maintain the continuity of operations. This would not happen if Jim’s company had a knowledge management program.

Without a comprehensive knowledge management program, organizations have a system that ensures the organization has the right information, to be used by the right people, at the right time.

Concerning Learning can help organizations build an actionable and sustainable knowledge management program that helps them use technology to gather tacit and explicit knowledge, allows people to access it and learn, while providing a mechanism for organizational experts to feed knowledge back into the system.

Next, I will discuss how Concerning Learning can help your organization create an extraordinary mentoring program.

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