Making Learning Extraordinary Resource #7–Facilitate organizational learning and encourage relationship building with a mentoring partnership program.

“What can we do to tear down these organizational silos?” A well-structured mentoring partnership program can encourage knowledge sharing between departments, leverage individual employee strengths, and facilitate organizational learning. Mentoring partnership programs provide numerous developmental experiences for matched mentoring pairs and designated groups which lead to a cross-pollination of knowledge, stronger relationships, and erosion of organizational silos.

Successful mentoring programs don’t just happen. Many organizations start mentoring programs without giving a lot of thought to the expected outcomes and how the program aligns with the business strategy and mission.

Concerning Learning helps organizations facilitate organizational learning and relationship building by designing, developing, and implementing mentoring partnership programs that achieve desired results. We’ve helped clients with mentoring programs to improve morale, increase organizational productivity, and career and professional development. Let us help your organization unleash the power of mentoring.

Next, I will discuss how Concerning Learning can help your organization build a highly-skilled talent development team.

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