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Here's how our role is changing...Are you ready?

The workplace learning professional's role is shifting from primarily a classroom facilitator to a learning curator. With this shift, trainers are facing a number of challenges to continue to add value to learners within nonprofit organizations, government, and business.

Here are the top 10 challenges, according to Infinity Consulting & Training Solutions, that those who share knowledge and skills with others for the purpose of learning face...

  1. Lack of management buy-in

  2. Low participant engagement

  3. Training doesn’t transfer

  4. Not enough time

  5. Trainer’s skills are inadequate

  6. Lack of resources

  7. Poor communication

  8. No needs assessment

  9. Process gaps

  10. Lack of employee buy-in

Our Changing Role

  • Do you have the right skills to be effective in the changing role?

  • Are transitioning to the workplace learning professional role?

  • Are you transitioning from learning and development practitioner to manager?

  • Do you need help closing your skill gaps or transitioning to your new role?

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Making Learning Extraordinary Workplace Learning Professional Coaching Program

We Make Learning Extraordinary by building actionable and sustainable learning strategies with CUSTOMIZED learning solutions! Concerning Learning consultants believe that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely leads to learning transfer and improved performance. It’s a fact that each individual is different with unique learning needs. So, why offer the same learning solutions? Although we offer tailored learning solutions for our clients, we have a consistent and reliable approach to helping professionals achieve their best! We define coaching as “the process of equipping professionals with tools and resources to develop their skills and experience while receiving continual support, feedback, encouragement, and follow-up.”

Making Learning Extraordinary Certificate Program

  1. Foundations of Extraordinary Adult Learning

  2. Getting to Know Your Learners through Analysis

  3. The Blueprint for Learning with an Effective Design

  4. The Right Materials for Learning

  5. Dynamic Training Delivery

  6. Give Them What They Paid For

  7. The Recipe for Engagement: A Practical Approach to Blended Learning

  8. Learning & Development Trends

Making Learning Extraordinary Resources

The Making Learning Extraordinary Resources share learning nuggets to help your organization move from good to EXTRAORDINARY, maximize its potential, and achieve higher levels of employee engagement! Each resource offers valuable information to apply essentials to an Extraordinary Learning Strategy.

D. Concerning Learning Video Podcast

The Concerning Learning Video Podcast Our Concerning Learning Video Podcast takes your training from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY learning experiences with real-world strategies and best practices from some of the best in the business! Each episode takes a deep-dive into an aspect of the Extraordinary Learning Strategy and its application to relevant challenges that workplace learning professionals face.

Training Check-Up

Assess the training that you provide to your learners to ensure that you have the right structure, content, materials, and instructional methods to inspire and achieve actionable results with a FREE Training Check-Up.

Extraordinary Learning Strategy

The Extraordinary Learning Strategy is a comprehensive plan that’s driven by the business and led by a highly-skilled talent development team to maximize organizational learning for performance. It’s comprised of three pillars: 1) Alignment with the business mission; 2) Provides the right programs and content; and 3) Is driven and managed by a highly-skilled talent development team.

Please Rescue My Training Consulting Packages

Our consultants conduct a comprehensive assessment of your learning needs to ensure that we are crystal clear on the best way to help your organization achieve improved performance. After our assessment, we can design, develop, implement, and evaluate customized learning solutions that are actionable, sustainable, and lead to desired results. Depending on your needs, we help you make your existing training extraordinary!