Making Learning Extraordinary Resource #5–Always be prepared to fill critical vacant positions with a comprehensive succession plan.


“Oh no! With Jim gone, we’re doomed and have to discontinue our safety program!” Your organization never wants to be in this situation because the consequences can be the demise of business continuity.

Without a comprehensive succession plan, organizations have no thoughtful way to build a pipeline to continue business operations in the event that a key employee leaves the position or even the company. It’s just good business practice to have people ready to move vertically and horizontally within an organization for two reasons.

First, you offer employees an opportunity to learn and grow while accomplishing mission-critical work. Secondly, if the work that your organization does is important, you can’t afford to have critical positions vacant while you search for a replacement. These two reasons provide the basis for why Concerning Learning includes succession planning as an essential component within an Extraordinary Learning Strategy.

Concerning Learning can help you build an actionable and sustainable succession plan that helps organizations create growth opportunities for employees while establishing a pipeline to fill key vacant positions.

Next, I will discuss how Concerning Learning can help your organization create an extraordinary knowledge management program.

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