What Are People Saying…

The virtual coaching sessions with Deadra have helped me chart a path for my career that I am excited about! I probably wasn’t the easiest client to work with (distracted, busy and putting myself last on the list in terms of my development); but Deadra was patient and worked with me where I was in the process. She stressed the importance of making time for my development and not just being in the game but performing at the top of my game. I now have a detailed and measurable individual development plan that covers my short and long term goals for my career. Deadra has also connected me to people for informational interviews to get the information I need to prepare for my next career adventure. Deadra genuinely enjoys helping people and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
— Mary C, Don't Get Left Behind Virtual Coaching Client

I’ve used the expertise with CEO and founder of Concerning Learning, LLC to help build AGA DC Chapter’s mentoring program to be more efficient and effective for our members. Since our partnership with Concerning Learning, LLC, we’ve received an increase willingness of participation and a wealth of positive feedback. If you are trying to build a new program and need the expert knowledge of how to build a successful program, I highly recommend consulting with Concerning Learning, LLC.
— Sharnell Montgomery, Satisfied Client

Train the Trainer” was a phrase that an EEO Director I worked for years ago suggested was the best way to make sure that your team of professionals were offered the best chance at success. Concerning Learning, and its owner Deadra Welcome, offer such a service for today’s progressive workforce. She has designed an online - as well as face-to-face - instructional design that is not only technologically advanced, but also user friendly. Developing and empowering those who manage the frontline of businesses, non-profits, or anyone wanting to brand or market themselves in today’s competitive economic environment would do well to entrust the services of Concerning Learning. Guaranteed solutions for you now and in the future!
— Linda Smith, Realtor

I personally can vouch that Concerning Learning, LLC is something that everyone who is involved in the “training” arena should definitely receive direction from.
There are levels to training & it’s important to make sure all levels are met for the biggest impact.

So much clarity and candid feedback came from that conversation…
— Will Owens, CEO WOW Mentoring, Please Rescue My Training Client

The webinar was outstanding. Loved the ability to interact with the presenter and the participants. Deadra is a true professional, her knowledge of the training business is invaluable. Her webinar was designed to provide participants with a wealth of practical, cutting-edge tools and techniques that they can apply to their training immediately. I will definitely use what I learned to improve the training provided to my clients.
— D. Marlene Thomas, President & CEO, Thomas Management Consulting (TMC), LLC

I attended a recent Association of Government Accountants (AGA) leadership training facilitated by Ms. Welcome. It was truly life-changing! I learned to be reflective, grow from my mistakes, and share lessons learned with others. I’m now more productive at work and home. Thanks Ms. Welcome!
— Ebony M. Price, CGFM, AGA Member

I worked with Deadra Welcome on the Metro DC Chapter of ASTD Board of Directors, when I served as President-Elect, President, and President-Past. During this time, I learned of Deadra’s exceptional ISD, business, and leadership skills. Over those 3 years Deadra was the Director of Special Interest Groups and Director of Professional Development. She organized the SIG portfolio, led the SIG leaders, coordinated high quality professional development workshops and created a CPLP study group. As a result of her efforts, the chapter was awarded the Chapter Excellence Award in addition to accomplishing 100% passage rate of the Knowledge Exam for members who were actively engaged in the group. Deadra also designed, developed, and managed the Mentoring Partnership Program which participants found to be beneficial. I continue to work with Deadra and see other exemplary aspects of her work including quality products and programs she creates.
— Michelle Moore, Past President, Metro DC ATD

I met Deadra for the first time in April 2016 at my first ATD dinner meeting and new member orientation. Deadra was very engaging the first time I met her. Even after connecting on LinkedIn, she assisted me several times with career advice and strategies. Her experience is stupendous, and she is very passionate about training and development. I recently invested in her book and can’t wait to receive it. Thank you!
— Joan Smith, HR Professional/GovLoop Blogger

Mrs. Welcome was instrumental in the success of my recent workshop. Her guidance helped me gain focus. Training Check Up should be a part of your arsenal to ensure sound strategic approaches to any training, development, workshop or presentation. She gives her clients a personal touch and definitely made me feel “Welcome.” I highly recommend her services.
— Jacqueline Turnbo, Business Strategist

I first met Deadra at an L&D conference. Less than two years later I took a certification course and she was our Featured Executive. Shortly thereafter I reached out to her on behalf of a friend looking for instructional desgin help. In less than two months from that interaction, I interviewed her and hired her as my coach.

Finding the right coach to help boost your career is hard. There are many things to consider, personality, the process and method the coach uses, scheduling, price, fit, etc. In a single conversation (though I’d been looking for a coach for months) I knew Deadra was the right fit for me.

I wanted someone that understood the ins-and-outs, the ebbs-and-flows of serving in the capacity as a learning professional. Striving to impact your organization’s bottom line and enhance the skills of your teams. I needed someone that understood the challenges associated with going after big-hairy-audacious-goals when it comes to building a world-class learning function. My coach selection boiled down to wanting someone that “gets me” and Deadra does.

She uses a process that helps identify your professional blindspots and guides you in creating an actionable development plan to close the gaps. She is kind, fair, and firm; meaning as my coach she does not let me off the hook (which I appreciate) and encourages me to dig deeper, push harder, and keep moving forward. Growth can be challenging (even for those of us that are learning professionals) but having someone in your corner that UNDERSTANDS what your challenges are because they’ve been there is a huge plus.

Throughout the months we’ve worked together I’ve noticed something else. Something big. That I had not considered during our original interview. The power of motivation. On each call Deadra has been a huge injection of motivation. Sometimes we’re unaware of the disempowering language (and thoughts) we have surrounding our capabilities. For that I’m forever grateful.

If you’re ready to take your workplace learning career to the next level call my coach, Deadra Welcome, you’ll be glad you did.
— Thomas Harrell

Deadra is truly heaven sent! I contacted Concerned Learning literally all over the place in my business and in my full time role as a Training Manager. I was spinning my wheels and so busy putting my energy into the wrong areas. She helped to me determine my individual gaps, develop a comprehensive plan to address those gaps, and helped me to gained clarity for the next steps to be successful in my own business. Thanks to Deadra I have grown exponentially in a short period of time as a learning professional as well as gained valuable insight into the activities I should be prioritizing to establish myself as credible L&D subject matter expert. My coaching experience was worth ever penny x4!
— Kendra Miller