Making Learning Extraordinary Resource #4–Equip new employees for success with a comprehensive onboarding program.


“Why do 50% of our employees leave within the first six months?” If your organization is asking this question, chances are that your onboarding program needs improvement.

It’s a proven fact that onboarding has a direct correlation to employee engagement. Some studies state that companies with an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their first-year workers. With statistics like this, any company that’s serious about improving employee engagement must invest in an actionable and sustainable onboarding program.

There’s no denying the evidence which points to onboarding as a factor that contributes to high levels of employee engagement. For before-mentioned reason, Concerning Learning includes onboarding programs as an essential component within an Extraordinary Learning Strategy.

Concerning Learning can help you create a comprehensive onboarding program that equips new employees with knowledge, skills, and experiences to reduce the time it takes to be a valuable contributor to a thriving organization.

If you’d like to read more about onboarding, check out my article in TD Magazine, A Proper Introduction.

Tomorrow, I will discuss how Concerning Learning can help your organization create an extraordinary succession program.

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