Slipping Into Irrelevance

I shared with you how I knew that I was at risk for getting left behind in a previous post, titled Don’t Get Left Behind. I felt myself slipping into the dark hole of irrelevance. I wasn’t learning and growing professionally because I allowed barriers such as work environment, no training budget, and lack of interest from my supervisor to stifle my development. I had to save myself. I am passionate about helping other professionals, subject-matter-experts (SMEs), thought-leaders, and industry leaders like you stay on top of your game.Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel like you’re “there” yet based on whatever “there” means. No one ever stays on top of their game without learning and growing, so you can always begin the process. This information can help you too. It’s the same process to get to the top of your game as it is to stay on top of your game. This is for you too.

You’re Not Immune

Well, I have some news for you…being on top of your game today does not guarantee that you will stay on top of your game. Unfortunately, if you are not learning, I have bad news for you. You won’t be able to sharpen your skills which is what keeps you on top of your game.The most unfortunate thing, is most people don’t realize that they are slipping into irrelevance until they are in the dark hole. Most SMEs are too busy sharing their expertise with others and helping them be great, that they neglect their own development.This is a big mistake! Don’t fall into this trap because it’s not a good feeling to have to look at others pass you by. They’ll be looking at you in the rearview mirror, and waving to you.It doesn’t matter your profession, you’re not immune. Slipping into irrelevance applies to all professions and industries. All experts are expected to stay current in their profession and industry. That means, you have to keep learning.

What Happens When You Get Left Behind?

When you get left behind, you lose credibility. You’re no longer recognized as an expert who is ahead of trends. Your clients soon begin to lose trust in you and will no longer seek your expertise.You will lose clients which means…you will lose money and thought-leader status. Your speaking engagements at conferences and solicitations for delivering workshops will slow down and eventually stop.You’ll be an afterthought. Someone else will take your me! When you’re not growing and developing, others are doing just that. Not being intentional and deliberate about your professional development could cause your industry to forget about you.

How Do You Know When You’re At Risk?

You know you’re at risk for getting left behind when you say any of these five statements…

  1. “I know everything about my profession.”

  2. “I don’t have time to develop because I’m already an expert.”

  3. “I can’t afford to invest in training.”

  4. “I don’t have time to develop professionally.”

  5. “I don’t know how to approach my professional development.”

Do you use any of these statements? Do you have these conversations with yourself? I would encourage you to take a quick pause and do a self-assessment. Be honest with yourself.If you are not at risk, I applaud you for at least not letting these barriers keep you from learning and growing in your profession. That must mean that you have a robust development plan and you focus at least 10 minutes per day in learn mode.

I’m at Risk, Now, What?

If you discovered that you’re at risk for getting left behind, don’t worry. I have at least 20 ways to help you stay on top of your game. I don’t want you to slip into irrelevance. That would be a waste of your hard work and effort to get to the top of your game. You owe it to yourself to save yourself! Yes, I can’t save you, but I can give you a FREE life vest.When you click on the link below, you will be asked to "Enroll in  Course for FREE." Once you click, on the button, you will have access to your free download.Grab your complimentary copy of 20 Ways to Not Get Left Behind.