Don't Get Left Behind

My True Story

There was a time when I didn’t take charge of my career. I allowed my work environment to determine how much I was going to grow professionally. I was in an environment where status quo was normal. Anyone doing quality work stood out. I was told statements like these…

“That’s good enough,”

“You’re doing too much,”

“It doesn’t take all of that…!”

“We don’t do that here.”

“80% is good enough.”

“We just need to check the box.”

I stopped growing and developing professionally and often said, “Why should I keep growing, if I can’t even use my current knowledge and skills.”

That thinking was not empowering! In fact, I had given my power away to a situation that was beyond my control. I was playing the victim.

Here are a few of my other excuses…

“We don’t have money for training.”

“My supervisor doesn’t support my development.”

“Our organization is not focused on employee development.”

I allowed my circumstances to take me from being at the top of my game to being left behind.

On a rare occasion, my supervisor asked me to conduct a meeting. While I was conducting the meeting, I suddenly felt like I was not nearly as effective as I was in my previous work environment. Unfortunately, I stumbled through the meeting and left feeling like I was becoming a product of my environment…but, only for a brief moment!

A-Ha Moment!

I finally woke up! I realized that my development is in my hands and that I had given my power away. I realized that I’m not a “check-the-box” person and will not continue to dim my light for others to shine. I refused to allow my skills get dull because I have a few barriers.

I decided that it was time for me to take charge of my professional development! At that moment, I made a pledge to myself that I would be an active and continual learner!

This is how I became the passionate learner that I am today! I don’t allow anyone or anything stop my learning!

I Took My Power Back

I started looking for opportunities to learn something new every day. My thirst for learning grew and refused to be quenched. I realized that learning isn’t optional if I want to stay on top of my game.

I was the first one to raise my hand for challenging work assignments and special projects. I learned from others who had skills that I needed. I read every book, journal, and article that I could get my hands on to develop professionally. I volunteered to work at conferences, just to be able to get a few nuggets of learning, while I worked. I started mentoring and coaching others (by the way, this is an excellent way to grow, by teaching) to share my failures, successes, and skills.

Every email for free training, webinars, and events was an opportunity for me to take charge of my career.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Perhaps, you’re in a similar situation where you feel like there are too many barriers to your professional growth.

Maybe you’re a professional in a work environment that is supportive of your development, but you just want to reach higher levels of learning and development.

You may even be an entrepreneur who’s at the top of your game, and you want to stay at the top.

Whatever your situation, you need to get excited about learning, growth, and development! I wrote a book just for you to help you take charge of your professional development in 30 days. It's called Don’t Get Left Behind.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can stay on top of your game, you can sign up for the Don't Get Left Behind Online Course.

I hope this article inspires you to stay in charge of your professional development, so that you Don't Get Left Behind.

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