Making Learning Extraordinary Resource #8–Build a highly-skilled talent development team to lead organizational learning strategy efforts.

“Now that we know how to structure our learning strategy, who will lead its development and implementation?”

I covered, in previous posts, the first two essentials of an Extraordinary Learning Strategy: 1) alignment with the business strategy; and 2) the right content and programs. The third essential is that the strategy has to be led by a highly-skilled talent development team in order for it to increase employee engagement.

This last essential is where many organizations get derailed. They adopt the philosophy that anyone can develop training if they are subject matter experts. I call this the missing link to a successful learning strategy. Organizational leaders don’t realize that for an Extraordinary Learning Strategy, the talent development (TD) team must, at a minimum, have the skills to be able to:

  • Properly assess organizational and individual learning needs;

  • Design, develop, and deliver blended learning solutions;

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented learning solutions; and

  • Manage the learning function with repeatable and efficient processes and procedures.

Concerning Learning helps build your TD capacity to address the organization’s learning needs, cultivate a healthy learning culture, improve employee engagement, and create a high-performing organization. Without fundamental TD skills, the TD team is not equipped to create, implement, nor manage the learning function.

Next, I will discuss how Concerning Learning can help your organization build the four skills listed above.

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