Making Learning Extraordinary Resource #2--Implement the right programs to achieve higher levels of employee engagement.


“How do I improve employee engagement?” and “How do we become a high-performing organization?” are two questions that many of our clients ask.Yesterday, I discussed how Concerning Learning can help your organization align your learning strategy with your business strategy. Business alignment is one key component for an Extraordinary Learning Strategy.Today, I want to share the essential programs that will lead to higher levels of employee engagement and ultimately a high-performing organization.An Extraordinary Learning Strategy must include the programs listed below.

  • Leadership Development

  • Onboarding

  • Mentoring

  • Succession Planning

  • Knowledge Management

All programs are not created equally. When designing and developing new programs, be sure to consult highly-skilled instructional designers (IDs) like the ones at Concerning Learning. We specialize in adult learning principles and structuring learning experiences that lead to actionable and sustainable results.I will discuss instructional design in more detail in a later post, and starting on Monday, I will share how Concerning Learning can help develop the right content for each of these programs.Have a great weekend and don’t forget to learn something new :-)