I Learned a Lot at the Helping Your Grow DC 2016 Conference

I'm still beaming from my recent participation in the Helping You Grow DC 2016 Conference! Although I was invited to present the Be at the Top of Your Game on a Shoestring Budget session, I learned so much and am anxious to share my learning nuggets.

First, I would like to thank and compliment the President and CEO of Mindspring DC, Denise Minor for coordinating an excellent conference! The hard work that Denise put into the top-notch production was demonstrated by the value-packed day of learning. She kicked off the conference with a clever way for us to remember our learning nuggets...a recipe. Each presenter added an ingredient to the recipe throughout the day.

Nancy Yannett and Julie Boyer, were the first presenters to start our growth recipe with LOVE. They shared how "choosing love changes things" as well as how each person gains something when they show someone else love. It was a very positive way to start the day. I learned that by sharing what I love to do, and my passion for learning, helps others grow.

Diane Haworth was the next presenter to help us be calm, clear, and confident even when we're "FRAZZLED, FRIED, & FREAKIN' TIRED!" I learned to be clear about what's really going on with my emotions when I'm stressed, so that I know how to proceed with clarity. My biggest take away from Diane's amazing presentation was learning how to de-stress with a simple breathing exercise which we practiced during her presentation.

Next up...one of my favorite authors (and friend), Christina Eanes! Chris, as she's also known as, shared a few of her many strategies to help us Maximize our Energy and Effectiveness for Superproductivity. At first, I was a little nervous when Chris told us that we would have do some calculations. (I immediately had flashbacks to college calculus and statistics and hoped that that the calculations would be way more simple.) Thankfully, the formula that Chris shared with us was easy to use, and she provided practical tools that can be used by those of us who are better at writing than equations. My biggest take away was to plan to maximize my productivity for those time when my energy is the highest and find ways to capture "leaked" energy to be able to continue being a "superachiever". You'll have to get Chris' book, Quit [Bleeping] Around to learn more about what it means to be a superachiever.

Lisa Premo added to my recipe by giving me tips on how to identify "rutts" and "triggers" to remind me to not give away my power. The entertaining and personal story that Lisa shared was just the special ingredient.

After lunch, Mandy Gordon, taught me how to play. She gave me "permission" to have fun at work and while learning, which is one of my core values and guiding principles. Mandy has an artful way of encouraging us to play.

I was next, but I will get to my presentation in my next blog post :-)

The final ingredient for my growth recipe was topped off by Lisa Marie Platske. Lisa ended the presentations by helping me be a courageous leader. She started by having us affirm that the world needs our "brilliance." Lisa's presentation was extremely powerful and helped me to explore the "seven pillars of leadership." My greatest take away was that I can be an effective leader without having to dim my light.

Thanks for allowing me to share my learning nuggets with you! I hope that you will share yours with me as we go through this learning journey together! See you at next year's Helping You Grow DC Conference!

Yours in learning,