Training Check-Up

Does Your Training Need a Check-Up?

When was the last time you gave your training a check-up?

Have you ever checked the "health" of your training?

Chances are that you are spending a considerable amount of time, money, and energy on your training. For that reason, you need to ensure that you are providing the best value to your learners with effective training.

How Do You Know It's Healthy?

Most instructional designers have a way to evaluate the effectiveness of their training. They are familiar with Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation and at least do a level one. I'll talk more about flipping training evaluation upside down, so that you can get more out of your evaluations. For now, let's get back to the Training Check-Up.

Training Check-Up

Training Check-Up

How do entrepreneurs, small and midsize businesses, and nonprofit organizations evaluate their training to determine that it's accomplishing the intended goals? You may not have a way to assess the effectiveness of your training.

Some instructional designers may not have an easy way to evaluate their training during the formative stages. The Training Check-Up can assist you with that as well.

Give Your Training a Check-up

I've created the Training Check-Up to help you self-diagnose your training's content, structure, flow, and materials. The Training Check-Up will also help you self-diagnose your training delivery effectiveness.

These are the first steps in improving the quality of the training that your provide your learner-clients. Spend your time wisely by creating the most effective training that inspires your learners to take action.

It doesn't help your credibility with your clients if it is not adding value. The last thing you want to happen is to have your learners leave your training and feel as if they wasted their valuable time because your training was disorganized, didn't have the right flow, or you read the slides.

We can help you maximize your efforts and make your training a valuable experience for your learners.

I'm giving you a copy of it as a gift. You're free to download the Training Check-Up.