Mission-Driven Leadership Development to Solve Organizational Problems

Leadership development is one of the “right programs” that organizations need for an Extraordinary Learning Strategy. I spent the last three days preparing for and facilitating breakout sessions during a leadership program for nonprofit leaders in Springfield, MA. I had the privilege of helping them discover new tools and ways to use them in their very important and impactful work.


The Problem: How do I achieve mission-driven results?

Leaders come to the leadership program with daunting organizational problems. At times, leaders feel alone in their struggles to achieve mission-driven results and effectively lead their teams. They often are unsure of how to move their organizations beyond their challenges. The problems that leaders in this program face are ones that challenge leaders in all industries, not just in the nonprofit space. 

The Solution: Give Them Tools and a Tribe

During the program, leaders learn that even successful leaders get stuck with really tough problems from time to time.  As a facilitator, I was able to guide my team down a path self-reflection, empathy, and thought-provoking questions which primed them for having real conversations with the other leaders in our breakout group. My role as a facilitator helped them apply the many tools, resources, and learning nuggets learned during presentations and expand their capacity to tackle their real-world organizational problems. 

I also shared ways that they could take advantage of and begin working with their newly, discovered community of leaders who are eager to collaborate with them to help them solve their problems. They learned that in many instances, other leaders are having very similar challenges. I was able to wrap up the breakout group with team members committing to pool their collective intellect and solve their problems together once they return to their respective organizations.

The Results: Leaders Tap into Unlocked Potential

The program is designed to help organizations solve our world’s most difficult problems by coaching leaders with the tools and resources to strengthen their leadership and problem-solving skills. That’s exactly what the group that I facilitated was able to do. They left the leadership program with a renewed sense of empowerment and excitement as well as the commitment to continue their leadership journey by learning and working with each other. 

I’m honored and excited to have had the opportunity to use my facilitation skills in the program for a third time while helping leaders show up as their best selves!