Embracing Shrinking Budgets

Many in the Talent Development Community feel powerless when budgets are cut. In addition, development opportunities disappear and the learning function stops adding value to the organizations that they need to support. Unfortunately, this leads to more cuts. I've even seen where the learning function was eliminated or reduced to a department of one.

Our Time to Shine

Instead of adopting a victim mentality, we should get excited about the opportunity to shine. We are the performance improvement leaders! Our role is to ensure that employees and managers have the right knowledge, skills, and experiences to perform their best. When budgets are cut, we should be in a position to dazzle our organizational leaders and staffs. Show all of the remarkable things that we can do to improve organizational performance.

Put on Your Oxygen Mask

In order to position ourselves as a value-add instead of overhead, we need to ensure that we have the capacity to address organizational learning needs. Before we can help our organizations, we need to put on our oxygen masks first. We can't improve organizational performance unless we take time to upgrade our knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Upgrade Your Capacity

What are you doing to upgrade your capacity to "do more with less?" Do you have a development plan to help you improve your own knowledge, skills, and experiences? How can you help your organizations thrive if you're not thriving, growing, and continuously developing?


Check out the entire Association for Talent Development (ATD) article that I wrote on this very topic called, Put on Your Oxygen Mask First.