Calling All Learning Revolutionaries

Are you a Learning Revolutionary? Take this short five-question quiz...

  1. Do you have trouble showing how your training adds value to the business?

  2. Are you responsible for your organizational learning strategy?

  3. Do you make decisions for how training dollars are spent?

  4. Do you implement the learning strategy?

  5. Do you create learning solutions that help employees perform at their best?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are a Learning Revolutionary!

Although this article is for Learning Revolutionaries who are involved with organizational learning strategies, you are also a Learning Revolutionary if you’re concerned with individual development strategies.

My Career Happy Place

In June 2017, I started a Learning Revolution when I formed the Rescue My Training Community of Practice. A lot has happened since then! A year later in June, I left my federal career of 27 years to focus all of my time, energy, and passion to grow my business, Concerning Learning, LLC!

I have found my career happy place and am able to make learning extraordinary for all mankind :-) That’s truly revolutionary isn’t it? It can be done with your help.

The Learning Revolution Movement

We are in a learning drought! Our employees, managers, and executives desperately need our help. We see examples everyday that there is a learning drought. People are not learning what they need to be effective, successful, and thrive in an ever-changing workplace which is ironic when according to the ATD 2017 State of the Industry Report, it seems that organizations are spending more money and employees are spending more time in formal learning!

With the increase in hours and expenditures, it’s important that workplace learning professionals spend more time aligning the learning strategy to business needs. Being a Learning Revolutionary means that you have to be a true business partner to make learning extraordinary in your organization! We can change how learning is viewed through the Learning Revolution Movement!

No longer will training be viewed as an event that you have to attend, but you will be excited about incorporating learning into the activities of today’s workplace, if we all lead from where we are. We need to do the following five essentials, so that we don’t get left behind:

  • Stay on top of industry and business trends;

  • Ensure that our learning strategies are aligned with the business needs;

  • Discover agile ways to approach learning;

  • Share knowledge and resources as a learning curator; and


Great news!!! I have a plan for you to accomplish all of the above five essentials.

The Concerning Learning Video Podcast

One thing that I’m doing to move the Learning Revolution forward is launching the Concerning Learning Video Podcast on August 24th. I’m so excited to be able to communicate the urgency of eliminating the learning drought in the workplace with this new opportunity!

The Concerning Learning Video Podcast enables Learning Revolutionaries to take training from ordinary and ineffective to EXTRAORDINARY with real-world strategies and practical approaches from industry experts and thought leaders. Here’s what you can expect from viewing and listening to the video podcast...

  • Learning Revolution News...I share industry news to help you stay on top of government, non-profit and corporate trends.

  • The Best Learning Strategies...I have conversations with industry thought leaders as they share their practical approaches to learning.

  • Deadra’s Learning Nugget...I share my knowledge to help you create an EXTRAORDINARY learning strategy that achieves results and adds “transformational value” (as one of our corporate sponsors, Roscoe Hunter promotes)!

Don’t forget to check out Episode #1: 3 High-Impact Essentials for Creating an Extraordinary Learning Strategy on August 24th. My guest during The Best Learning Strategies segment is
Emma Weber, CEO of Lever Transfer of Learning!

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I’m Just Getting Started

Learning Revolutionaries, this is just the beginning! There will be lots of activity to gain momentum during this movement. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, don’t forget to use the hashtag #LearningRevolution to show that you’re onboard!