Sample Past Moves Summary Blocks of Blog Posts

I am figuring out how to setup the Past Moves which keeping the flavor of what you had but trying to also make it very easy to maintain.

What you see on this page is a “Summary” block of the Past Moves blog page. This is not the Past Moves blog page.

  • The source is a separate blog page from your main blog - Past Moves which will have all past moves categorized by year.

    • You can see it in the navigation below the client logos and other items.

      • I would really suggest that after I finish adding these items that we copy them into your real blog and that is where you would start adding more text to the blog post.

    • A blog

  • The examples you see below are two types of summary blocks:

    • Grid - which can have a similar shape for all images.

    • Wall - which is more masonry with variable image sizes.


  • Summary blocks can only pull 30 posts max so if you had over 30 in one year, all won’t display in the summary block.

    • They can be added to the page, we would just need another tag or something to identify the additional posts.

      • Or we could add a link to the 2019 Past Moves, 2018, 2017 etc.

        • Each category in the blog has a link.

        • If we move the past moves to the main blog, we have to do this anyway.

    • For future maintenance, this is a negative, but not that big of a negative.

  • Many variables to figuring this one out.

  • I can’t find all of the original images in the export from NewMedia so I will need images to replace the fuzzy ones.

Grid Display (Square pictures)

 Wall Display (Variable picture size)